Day 290-292

What a weekend KB had! Little miss is standing on her own for 5-10 seconds at a time (and not even wobbling), mimicking movements, perfected her wave and has a newfound love for turkey and…pickles?!

Aunt Kris and Gramps took over Kensie duty while Chris and I went to the CrossFit games on Saturday and Sunday and I think all 3 of them loved it!

I was sent this photo with a text that said “cocktails by the pool” πŸ˜‚
Who needs Sophie when there’s remotes?
Great Gramps gives the best snuggles!
K mean mugging the selfie with Aunt Kris!
She had no issues eating…shocker

K got to swing her little heart out, went on lunch dates (where Aunt Kris discovered her liking for pickles), crawled up the stairs countless times and shared tons of giggles and kisses. 

And buying a swing is on my to do list for tomorrow.

Kensie’s second bottom tooth started to break through this weekend so I was a little worried she’d be cranky but they said she was happy as could be while we were gone! She went down in the pack n play each night but by the time I got home it was game over. I think she has a 6th sense and it’s a momma detector. After that – she’d only sleep in bed with me. At least she slept. πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

So glad Kensie got to spend some quality time with her Great Grandpa and Aunt (and that they got to spend time with her)!

As we waited to board our flight home we used Kensie as our entertainment. 


Aunt Emmy downloaded a movie for KB…MVP!

The flight home was pretty similar to the flight there…but with some extra hands and a much longer nap! 

One of K’s favorites…

She was a happy girl but she stayed awake until the last 45ish minutes. FOMO girl fought it hard but finally let her eyelids give into gravity at the end. 

She woke up just before we landed and gave everyone some entertainment as we waited to get off the flight. 

Safe to say KB is not shy.  

Looking forward to settling in back at home and having little boog back in her crib after a crazy 2 weeks of travel but we miss vacation and family already! 

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