Day 289

I know I’ve called KB a stage five clinger a few times before – but there’s not even a TERM for the level she was on last night! 

Kensie had a fun day with family and Chris and I even got to sneak away to drop in to a local box for a workout! I came back to this…

Snuggles for Mikayla! (She also things we look alike because she dives down for milk πŸ˜‚)

My Aunt Kris and cousin Mikayla watched her for us while we were gone and Kensie had a blast and no tears! She’s been quite the smiley babe this weekend. K has been taking in all the “northern” scenery and became an instant pro at climbing stairs. 

I also found something Kensie seems to like as much as zuchinni…turkey!!! I shared some off my sandwich with her at lunch and she kept wanting more. We also have her a pancake. She enjoyed shaking it and tearing it apart…

I have no words to describe the “momma” level Kens was on last night. She WOULD NOT sleep unless I was touching her. She would be snoring, limp and completely out; but the second I laid her in the pack and play or tried to get up, she’d shoot up onto all fours, sit up and scream. 

She was extremely overtired when she went to bed so maybe it’s the new place and new faces but I slept the entire night with Kensington literally on top of me. 

Good thing she’s so damn cute!!!!


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