Day 287

Kensington was Miss Independent today! I was totally okay with it because it meant I could get everything done with zero fuss interruptions!

I had to coach this morning and go figure it was the one time Kensie was still asleep at 7:15…

Luckily she’s a happy morning baby so she was okay with the wake up and she loved the morning play sesh at the gym!

Kensie is almost done with her swim sessions so today I got in the pool with her so Mrs. Heidi could teach me the different cues and things to look for so we can keep practicing until next season!

She gave me a round of applause for my first day πŸ˜‰

This evening it was back to the gym to coach and workout and I was shocked at how long KB played by herself in her baby jail!!! She used to get really frustrated when she stood up and no one came to get her. Now that she knows how to sit back down she seems to tolerate it a lot longer!

When we got home daddy ran out to get us some dinner so I let Kens stay up to wait for him to say goodnight. Everytime I let her “play” in her room she goes straight to the closet. Sorry about your luck, Chris. 😏

Thanks for the mess KB.

Kens loves to “go through” her clothes πŸ˜‰

While KB played peacefully in her playroom last night I got most of our packing done! 

Hoping for a smooth flight, a sleeping baby and excited for a fun trip either way! 

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