Day 286

In general our day was pretty uneventful since K was stuck at home with me while I slowly wither away from this sinus infection. (Y’all see where she gets her dramatics from?) 

We did have her 9 month check up today and KB is healthy as can be! 

Oh yeah! Clap it up girlfriend.

I already did her 9 month post on her actual 9 months…so I’ll spare you the recap. 

I would like to point out, however, that my “super accurate stand on the scale with and without her” method worked pretty dang well! I got 18.2 and the doctor’s scale weighed her in at 18.1lb today! Her weight puts her in the 45th percentile and her length of 26.5 inches puts her in the 9th for height. 😳 I feel like her leg had to have been bent when the nurse measured her…lol 

Kensie is right on track with her social skills and a little ahead on her motor skills. (Lucky me 🤦🏼‍♀️) We also got the clearance to start adding more “whole” food to her diet since the one tooth wonder doesn’t care for purées.

Other than that we have a sweet, happy, wiggle worm of a girl! 

Speaking of wiggle worm, Kensie is taking her 3rd flight this week and I’m sitting here wondering why I was ever concerned at 4 months. She wasn’t mobile at that point and slept to make my life easy. I imagine this flight will involve my child wanting to crawl up and down the aisles and her “talking” aka grunting, fake coughing and squealing at everyone around us. I am currently praying for understanding neighbors. 

Example A: this was Kensie as we waited (in her defense it was WAY to long of a wait even for me…and I’m grown, sort of) at the doctor’s office today. 

Oh mom, look! It’s my favorite!

I’m getting her a paper roll for her birthday.

She also discovered how to unroll it and get more. See what I mean on “ahead on her motor skills”? 😳

She did sit still in the waiting room for the most part. After the first 30 minutes she wanted to crawl around but no way I was letting her touch that carpet. 🤢

Sweet lap baby! (Sometimes)

We skipped the gym this evening because like I said earlier, I’m dying. Kensie must have known because she was a champ at playing by herself this afternoon and the sweetest baby ever right before bed. 

I got a hug, a kiss, and after she ate she literally rolled off my legs, grabbed her pacifier and went to sleep. 

Is this real life?! I’m in heaven.

And now I’m going to join Kens for an early night to bed so I can kick this infection and find the energy to pack tomorrow! 

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