Day 280

Last night went a little better than expected after Kensie’s 9p wake up and scream session. She slept normal the rest of the night but woke up with the RUNNIEST NOSE EVER this morning. πŸ˜ͺ 

I wiped her nose right before this photo. Still has a snot face.

KB was pretty cranky today, BUT SHE NAPPED! I can’t blame her, if I had snot running out of my nose nonstop all day I’d be pretty cranky, too. 

This wiggle worm hasn’t sat still enough to fall asleep on my lap in months. 😍
 Just before this little one crawled up for some snuggles, I got a great video of her morning obstacle course. 

Kensie hasn’t quite grasped the “work smarter not harder” concept. 

I had to run open gym today and I knew Kens wouldn’t make it through a 3 hour gym sesh, so I was that mom and used the tv to babysit her for 30 minutes so I could get my workout in before I coached. 

Straight chill mode.

Bedtime started out promising tonight because KB PUT HERSELF TO SLEEP! I wasn’t allowed to leave the room, but as long as I stood there she slept. Haha! I walked out the first time and made it 2 steps and the tears came. I walked back in, she laid down and went back to sleep. πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

However, it was a false alarm. About 45 minutes later, K was screaming. Daddy tried to soothe her but it wasn’t happening. She’s definitely all in on a “mama Clinger” phase. We’re talking stage 7. Skipped straight over stage 5. 

The only thing I like about Teething? All. These. Sweet. Snuggles!!!! I’m thankful the “needs her mama” days aren’t quite done yet. While I hate that she’s in pain, I’m glad she won’t remember it and I am soaking it all in while I can. Even on the not-so-great days, time is going by way too quickly! 

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