Day 279

Fact: God made Teething painful for population control. 

Brief overview of the first (almost) year from yours truly:

Pre-baby – We want a baby…or 2, or 3!

0-3 months – Adjusting to new life. Tougher than you thought it would be. Question everything. Labor is still all too close in the front of your memory so you decide “nope. Only child”. 

4-7 months – Ah, this is the best! Got the parent thing down and they’ve got the baby thing down. They smile, sit up, resemble an actual human and don’t cry as much. We got this. Let’s have another!

7-9 months – Okay, the little human is on the move. I mean I could still go for another but what do I do with this one if I have a smaller one to take care of? Still awesome so I’ll figure it out. 

9 months – Teething. Enough said. Back to baby being an only child. 

These are all my (failed) attempts at a photo of her tooth today.

I’m being slightly dramatic. (But only slightly.) WHYYY does it have to screw everything up? 

K was doing so great on her nap schedule, starting to eat better and go down for bed on her own. Today? HAHAHA! Y’all, God literally looked down and was like “that’s what you get for thinkin!”

Kensie was up from 1-2:30am last night. She was happy (unless I left her alone in her crib), just wide awake. 

If Kensie’s ever famous, she’s got the paparazzi wave on lock.

K got up around 7…and never took a morning nap. She just kept pulling on her gums and crying when she’d start to doze off. 

Sophie attempt…
How she spent the majority of her day. Hand in mouth.

She made it through swimming and actually did really well! On the way home, she was out before we even got out of the neighborhood. However, that nap lasted maybe 20 minutes. 

Other than the not napping and pulling on her gums all day, she was actually really happy. Emily watched her for me so I could workout, because she’s amazing, and Kensie had no tears and climbed all over her face. 

 It’s bedtime where she really loses it. The last 2 nights aren’t even a fuss/cry. It’s a top of the lungs SCREAM into a cry. Over and over and over. This is the ONLY thing that gets her to stop. 

Because mama makes it all better
Sub 3 minutes. Success.

Kensie’s ideal day would have been for me to carry her around non-stop. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE her snuggles. I just don’t want this little girl to be screaming in pain! 😪 (And for the record, I did breakdown and give her medicine before bed to see if it would help. Judging by her 9pm wake up, with screaming, I think it was a fail.)

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