Day 278

Ohhh Monday.  I’m extra thankful for my sweet KB today because her snuggles saved my sanity! 

We had high pitched screams and real tears before bed tonight for the first time in 2 weeks. It broke my heart and I had no interest in doing more work today anyway, so I let KB lay in bed with me and we both passed out. 

At swim this week, Kensie is starting to learn her “rollback”. The ultimate goal at the end of these lessons at her age is to know that if her face hrs water, she knows to roll from her front to her back to float and breathe! She teaches her small turns first, then she’ll build on them. K kept her float this week and Mrs. Heidi was impressed at  how well she was holding her breath under water today!

I don’t have many photos of KB today because she spent the majority of her day in just a diaper until we left for the gym. πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ if you watched my Instagram story, you got a whole lot of diaper baby! 

What I do have is the photos off Chris’ phone of her box climbing and pull-ups…

She was determined to get her leg up there and crawl on top!!

We also have a new rescue position. When K fusses from her crib now, I walk in to her standing. 

I say rescue because Kensie’s so dramatic you’d think she needs to be rescued from something awful. πŸ™„

I have no doubt my child will be the one to climb out of her crib. I should probably go invest in some crash pads soon before she figures it out. 

KB with a KB!! (Kettlebell ;))

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