Day 281

Teething still sucks…but today, was a good day! Kens ended up in bed with us at some point throughout the night. The zombie version of me doesn’t remember when, but I do remember being up for 90 minutes after the fact while she tossed, turned and fussed because she couldn’t get comfortable/breathe through her snot nose. Poor KB. 

 I didn’t get a great picture of Kensie’s outfit today because my phone is (still) the worst. The only normal one is dark and fuzzy. 

This is K’s sleepy morning smile

The flash on the focused photo made her blink, but it’s a great display of how much snot was running out of this poor babe’s nose all morning. 

“Mom. Seriously, chill.” πŸ˜‚

I’m ready (as I’m sure she is too!) for this dang tooth to come all the way up so she can feel normal again. During swim Mrs. Heidi said the one next to it is coming up too. 

Speaking of swim – I am on cloud nine after watching K’s lesson today!!!  The whole point of her lessons is to teach her to roll onto her back and float if she fell in water. Week one she learned float, 2 was holding her breath under water and this week, rolling over to her back! I didn’t expect her to do it all on her own until the last week or 2 of lessons so I was caught (pleasantly) off guard when she did it today! 

​​One of the other moms there asked me if Kensie was my only child and once I said yes, she asked if watching her lessons bothered me. My answer? Absolutely NOT. 

I will admit a few times at her lessons my motherly instinct wanted to reach out and grab her as a reflex, but I’ve never once been worried. Heidi has been teaching infants to swim for YEARS and she knows what she’s doing. She explains it all to me as she does it and asks questions about Kensie’s eating/sleeping/bathroom habits to make sure everything is as she expects it. 

Today only confirmed how amazing of a teacher Mrs. Heidi is and I was fascinated at how much Kensie has learned in 3 short weeks. In general, a baby’s ability to respond to positive reinforcement at such a young age and how smart they are blows my mind. 

Of course I have no intention of Kensie ever having to use these skills, but if we could predict accidents, they wouldn’t happen. We have a pool about 6 feet from our back door. We go to pool parties, friends have pools, my parents live on a retention pond, we boat. We live in Florida. The girl needs to know how to float and breathe! 

My little floating champion!

Chris and I are going on a cruise for a friend’s birthday this weekend so our next post won’t be until Monday! (I’m not just being a slacker 😜)

 I’m dropping K off super early tomorrow with Gramma and she is already MVP for having to deal with these teeth over the weekend. 😳 Luckily, Kens is still happy during the day (knock on wood). It’s when we take off her necklace and she has to sleep that it gets ugly. I expect to come back to a full tooth and a happy baby that likes to sleep. K? Thanks mom! 

I will definitely miss my Kensie so freaking much this weekend. Shoot, I already miss her and she’s in the room next to me not even dropped off yet! But, I also know it’s important to have “us” time and with all the craziness and nonstop that our lives have been lately, I’m looking forward to a weekend with Chris to relax and enjoy uninterrupted (well, except when I have to pump…still gotta mom) time with friends! 

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