Day 271

Kensington was a much happier camper today! 

At swim, Mrs. Heidi immediately noticed a change in the color of Kensie’s gums and thinks she’s going to cut a few teeth in the next couple weeks. But hey, I’ve thought that for months and homegirl is still allllll gums. 😂 So we shall see!

I had to cover a class this morning so KB practiced her jail break skills. 

I feel like she’s saying “give me 2 weeks and I’ll learn to climb this.”

KB had a great start to week 2 of swim lessons!! Less crying and she is starting to learn how to turn onto her back! 

She loves to watch the other babes swim when she gets out.

Crushing the bow game today! And thanks to Aunt Ashley for this adorable suit!!!

When we got home from swim, Kensie ate lunch and took a solid nap and played on her own when she woke up! I was thrilled because I had a ton of work to get done. Of course she eventually got bored and I attempted turning on Baby Einstein to save the day…but she just wanted mama. 

Now if only I could get her to actually SAY “mama”. 🙄

Kens was the BEST nurser today!! Every time she ate she actually ATE. Like laid there and chugged like a normal baby instead of sitting up/switching sides/clapping and playing every 10 seconds. I tried to get a video of her sign language when she ate her puréed food and cereal today at lunch but the second I turned on the camera she wouldn’t cooperate…

There have been a few days of naps off the 2-3-4 schedule, and on Sunday when she was extra cranky I put her down for a later afternoon nap at 4:30 (we’ve been stopping the post 4p naps) …but even with the flukes are over a week in of Kens going straight to sleep on her own at 7pm! Hopefully this post doesn’t jinx it…but for now I’ll put that tally under official parenting wins. 

Kens on her daily crawl round the house.

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