Day 269 & 270

KENSIE USED SIGN LANGUAGE TODAY FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME! I gave Kens a new snack this afternoon and asked if she wanted more. I always ask and show her the sign and help her use her hands to do it. Today, I asked if she wanted “more” and she copied my hands on her own! I was so proud! 

This weekend we had a great day and a not so great day. Saturday K slept in a little (thank you Lord) and was full of smiles all day long. We went to support some of our athletes out at a competition and other than really wanting to crawl on the gym floor, Kens loved it! I was waiting for her breakdown from being tired and hungry, but it never came. 

I was a slacker and didn’t get a picture of her ORANGE bow…since daddy decided she should rock his hat.

Kens was also on a standing mission this weekend. Any time she had the opportunity, she’d pull herself up and stand. After a while she’d get frustrated because she couldn’t figure out how to move from that position. I’m so not ready for KB to walk!

It was hard to take her photo Saturday because she spent the majority of her day crawling on top of me.

Her new move: the wave. She says “Heeeiiiii”!

I got this post done earlier than usual tonight since Kensie went to bed early… And not like “oh how sweet she wants to go to bed”. It was more like “oh my lanta I can’t listen to this child fuss one more time”. πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

That was the majority of her afternoon. No matter what we tried. Woof. She woke up an hour earlier than usual and it showed…all. day. long. 

We had to do a lot of distracting today so that KB would take a chill pill. It started with a morning family walk, but it didn’t last long since it felt like it was about 300 degrees out today! 

Styled by Daddy today. πŸ’πŸΌ

This afternoon we got CPR certified and KB had to come along. In her defense, she was very good for something that isn’t entertaining for her! 

Working on her chest compressions.

Tonight she got a special treat before bed! Her first bubble bath!! It was mainly because I was desperate to distract her, so thankfully it worked! 

First bubble bath! (And I’m too lazy to fill the whole bath so we still use her small one.)

And last but not least…we have a winner for the Free Leggings!!!!

Congrats, Casey! Amy will be in touch so you can pick out your pair! 

We’ve got a busy week ahead with 2 events, getting ready to host a baby shower this weekend and week 2 of swim lessons! Hope everyone had a great weekend and I really hope Kens doesn’t have another early wake up call! 

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