Day 272

This early bird made me start my day way sooner than I wanted to!

She’s the only happy one about her 6am wake up call.

Kens woke up in a great mood and since we had extra time to kill before naptime this morning, KB ate breakfast with me! 

After nap it was swim time! Today Heidi worked on Kensie’s float and had complete success, she did it all on her own!! K had a great back float Day One then started throwing her head back the next few days because she was mad. 😂

Aunt Shell for the win with the cutest Bowkini ever!

We figured one obnoxious bow was plenty for the pool today. 💁🏼
​Kensie was a trooper and let me get a ton of work done today. We had some time to run a quick errand before the gym…and we had our first pacifier casualty. If you are walking around Hobby Lobby and find a giraffe wubanub – please return Jeffy to KB. I caught it the first time she chucked it but I must have missed her redo. I think I’m a real mom now! 

Little shopper in training. Sorry Chris.
We had to get up to the gym early today so I attempted to sit in Kensie’s baby jail with her and work from my phone. She spent the entire hour climbing me and would only play with her toys if she was touching me. 

Alert! Stage 5 Clinger.
Seriously, Kens?!
She wasn’t really having it tonight so we left the gym early and finished up some errands. My real accomplishment today? Finding her a new favorite Teething toy. 

Foam. Go figure. I had these in the closet to save until she was older but as we all know, she puts everything in her mouth. She always wants to eat the foam mats at the gym so I figured she’d like these. I was right. Longest bath ever. 

I got a pretty exciting gift today!!! (Okay it’s a photo. But it feels like a gift!) An awesome photographer snapped a photo of me and Kensie at the competition we were watching on Saturday. Remember when I said I didn’t get a photo of her Orange bow? Mike Kokoszka for the save!!!

He sent me this photo and since I don’t get a ton of photos of the 2 of us together, I love it even more. Mike takes awesome action shots as well. Go like his Facebook page, FitrStudios and follow him on Instagram

Since K woke up early, she was in bed by 6:30 tonight. She couldn’t hang on any longer. I just hope it doesn’t mean she’ll wake up earlier tomorrow…😳

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