Day 261

Kensie played her little booty off today!

It was a 2 outfit kind of day before we ever left the house because…blowouts. 

Kensie kicked off the day on the way wrong foot. She’s a chatter box when she wakes up so we usually practice important words, like mama, before we get out of bed. After a solid 3 minutes of “Kensie, say ma-ma. Mama. Kensie, mama!” She, clear as day, goes “Da-da!” πŸ˜‘ Fail. 

After that mishap, she was all smiles and such a happy babe. She napped while I got a morning workout in and then stayed awake to hang out with me for all of our errands! 

Her new favorite: pull up on everything and practice standing

She was even happy for nap time!

When we got home we took the pups on a walk and Kensie talked the entire time. Not sure what she was trying to tell me but it must have been important. (Still didn’t say mama though). 

That tongue…

Kens had the lunch of champions today: a banana and puffs. I know, Mom of the Year. 

She more so played with the banana than ate it; but let’s be honest, that’s all she does with any of her food. 

Kensie is still committed to waking up to eat a few times a night, but I’ve come to the conclusion that she needs to move from a crib to a toddler bed soon and she’ll sleep like a champ. 

Oh just make yourself comfy there, K.

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