Day 262 & 263

Kensie’s weekend blog is being posted this morning because last night she had the biggest sleep fail of her career. 

Oh the drama

As I started her post around 9:30 last night, she woke up crying…for the 3rd time since she went down at 7p. I’m not sure what her deal was but all day she was pretty clingy toward me and at night she WOULD NOT SLEEP unless she was on or right next to me. The second I’d pick her up she’d sleep. Lay her down? Scream her head off. 

Kensie won that battle.

KB did have an awesome weekend, though! Chris and I went scalloping with friends on Saturday so Kens got to spend some QT with Gramma and her Uncles, Matthew and William!

Ready for some splashing!!! Kensie’s fave!
They told me they were playing Field Hockey…

I put out zuchinni for lunch but after a few bites my mom said she was over it and just wanted to feed herself. 

Miss Independent

PurΓ©ed food has not been successful for us at all. Kensie has no interest in it. She only wants foods she can hold and put in her own mouth and play with. I think I’m just going to move toward steaming chunks of veggies and see how she does with that…πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

Kensie also got in more selfie practice.
When we got back Saturday Kensie was pooped from all the playing and ate and put herself right to sleep. Chris and I figured she’d sleep through dinner so we decided to go out to eat. Nope. 

Nothing Titi Char and some bread can’t fix.

K was awake from the second we parked until we got home. She rocked her PJs in public like a boss. 

Sunday KB played while Chris and I got some work done and then was super excited to run errands…especially since daddy was there! 

Ok mom last photo I’m going to play now. πŸ˜‚
When you twin with your pacifier. πŸ’πŸΌ

I should also mention when she woke up she said “Dada” about 50 times. πŸ™„ “Da-da. Dada. Da da da da dahhhh”

I told Chris it meant she wanted him to change her diaper all day. For some weird reason he didn’t believe me. 

KB was so proud to show daddy how she can sit in the front of the cart now!
Something about Publix gets Kens HYPED.
K also tried to grab all of the groceries out of the back and put them in her mouth.

But seriously, she talked all the way through the grocery store. I posted a few videos on my Instagram story for proof. Actually just one. I tried to take a few but as soon as she saw my phone she stopped. πŸ™„If you’re super bored this morning, which you probably are because you’re at work, on a Monday, reading this blog, you can go watch to procrastinate doing your actual job just a little longer. (@jennhall15)

Once we got Kensie to bed (or so we thought) we had a Seafood feast with Uncle Rob and Titi Char to eat our catch from Saturday! 

This morning is already off to a Stage 5 Clinger kinda start, so wish me luck. 😳

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