Day 260

You know what sucks? When your car battery dies. You know what REALLY sucks? When your battery dies in 100 degree weather and your baby is tired and hungry and crying while you try to fix it. 

So thankful to these ladies for hanging out and jump starting me (and not getting us blown up) while we dripped sweat. Day savers!!!

Today was way too exhausting for this momma…but I came up with a new strategy last night to trick Kensie into sleeping longer and it just might work!!!

Yes girl, I agree. Something to clap for!!!

We are going on a trip at the end of the month and I need to save up milk. Since my chunk of a child eats every 3 hours, you can see where that whole “saving milk” part might be an issue. 

Last time I stocked up she slept from 7-1:30/2a so I would pump around 10-11p and save that. Well now this sweet little angel babe wakes up to eat at that time. 

Last night I channeled my inner Albert Einstein and came up with this great theory on weaning her from night feedings. It may backfire or completely fail…or I may go on to write the next book on sleep training because we all know the world needs one more opinion on that. Don’t worry I’ll keep you guys posted either way. πŸ˜‚

Anyway, my gut tells me Kensie wakes up to  eat mostly for comfort. I figured if I take away the feeding but still address the “comfort” side, maybe she’ll stop waking for it. 

I pumped at 9:35 and Kensie woke up at 10. (Which is even earlier than normal. It’s like she knew…) She was really frustrated at first. K went back and forth shoving herself from one side to the other trying to eat and fussing. After a few minutes of failed attempts, she went back to sleep. I thought I was in the clear! Nah. About 30 minutes later she was back up trying to eat again. I started to feel really bad and wonder if she was actually hungry. I decided if she started real crying, I’d go get the bottle I just pumped and give it to her. She fought for less time than the first and went back to sleep and SLEPT FOR 5.5 hours!!! 

Disclaimer: I let her sleep in the bed with us at that point so that may have helped some. But damn. I’ll take it!!! 

I don’t really have much of a choice on another method if I want to save enough milk in time, so I am hoping this strategy works out and also results in this nugget sleeping for longer stretches at night. 

I had a dentist appointment and hair appointment today so I don’t have a ton of Kensie stories to share. Our QT was spent at AutoZone getting a new battery installed. 

KB’s fuss face says it al. Zero fun. Not our kind of shopping.

Now on to night number 2 of withholding the midnight milk…Prayers appreciated. πŸ˜‰

That little face though…😍

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