Day 259

I don’t have many photos of KB from today but this time it isn’t my fault. My phone refused to take them. 😩 Since I’m lacking in Kens photos, I’ll share one of her favorite “toy” with you instead. 

Yep. (For the love of all things holy please do not tell me they sell plastic covers for them. I’m well aware.) I just don’t understand her fascination with outlets! If she spots one, she crawls right to it and “grabs” it. I get they created the covers as a precaution, I just didn’t realize how dedicated Kens would be to electrocuting herself. Just placed an Amazon order to cover the rest of the outlets in our house. Is it just my child that does this?!?

On a positive note, the few photos I have of KB from today pretty much sum it all up for the day! 

We had to run some errands today so I let Kens sit in the “big seat” in the cart! She was loving the new view!

I know this next photo looks a lot like the last, but this one she has the pacifier in her mouth and it’s totally pertinent to my story…

First off – Club Pub (Publix…) was poppin’ today. I thought people went back to work today? Anyways, so many people walked by and would stop to tell Kensie how cute she was. Seriously. It was at least 6 not including the cashier. KB would look at them, take her pacifier out, smile and clap. Every. Single. Time. πŸ˜‚ At least she doesn’t have confidence issues? πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

The follow up question I always get is “how old is she?” Just out of curiosity, at what age does that go from being the common question to being not socially acceptable? 

While we are on the topic, 80% of the time people follow that answer (her age) up with “she’s so big!” That is a dumb comment. Unless you’re a Pediatrician or have a child around her age…she’s big compared to what? She’s actually below average in size. Regardless. It’s an awkward comment. What am I supposed to follow that up with? “Ok. Thanks?” 

While Kensie loves the view and the attention, the only thing I don’t like about her sitting in the cart as opposed to her stroller/car seat is that it makes her way more accessible. I’ve noticed people are a lot more likely to touch her or hold out their hand for her to grab their fingers when she’s out in the open. 

I think I figured out the next shirt I’m going to make for KB. It’s going to say:

“thank you”

“8 1/2 months old”

“Umm ok”

“Don’t touch me”

Problems, solved! 

And we ended our day at the gym. Kensie helped clean up! Also, Kens looks starved in this photo, eh? πŸ˜‚

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