Day 241

Today was Kensie’s very first boat day!!! The pictures I’m about to spam you with are only a small portion of my camera roll from today. 😜

Baby in a life vest is pretty much the best thing ever.

We spent the day with some great friends and Kens had a blast. She loved the boat, the sand and the water! I wasn’t too sure of how today would go being a long day in the sun but K was SO happy and loved everything about it! 

Sippy cup break with daddy

Girl lovessss to splash!

Titi Char gave Kens her first toe dip!

…and Kens is eating daddy’s hat.

As you all know Kens puts EVERYTHING in her mouth – so I completely expected a mouthful of sand. 

She kept picking up the sand and rubbing it through her fingers

We got lucky and while it was all over her face, she surprisingly had no interest in eating it. Phew! 

The toys though? Definitely in her mouth.

One thing is for sure: we have a water baby!!! Her bath can always cheer her up and the water today was no different. 

Perfect tide for a Kensie sized beach!

I think the only person more excited than Kens was Uncle Rob. He’s been talking about her going on their boat since she was in my belly!!! 

Loving Uncle Rob and Titi Char’s boat!!

Friends that are family!

Tito Char showing her the ropes.

While my FOMO girl tried her best to stay awake, the force finally took over and K baby was OUT. 

I think this little boog is ready for many more weekends of boats and water! 

Oh hey there K Belly!

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