Day 240

Who’s ready for another #FREEBIEFRIDAY? We officially launched our Bows of Kensington Etsy shop today so in celebration, we are giving away 3 free bows! To win:

1. Like our Facebook page

2. Share it OR tag a friend who likes custom goodies! 

On Sunday, we will choose 3 winners to get a FREE BOW! 

I keep saying “we” because one of my best friends, Casey, is our crafty bow maker! πŸ€—

Kensie is our shop assistant. I’ll attempt to keep her slobber off the orders.

Kensie had a rough Friday which meant I had an even rougher one. It started with a 5am wake up. Woof. I got her to doze back off for a little bit around 6 and by 7 it was game time. 

Today was the day. She actually realized she can crawl and it’s definitely a whole new adventure now!!


Look mama! I can get into ALL the things!

Pre Kensie Bomb

Post-Kensie bomb

She likes to keep one leg straight and drag it along. πŸ˜‚ K also tries to straighten her legs and stand up. She’s ready for some bear crawls! 

Kensie lost her ish when I tried to get her to nap this morning. She was so overtired that she cried no matter what. Wouldn’t nap in her chair, crib or being held. Nothing was making this diva happy. I finally turned on Baby Einsteins and sat her down to play again (after 45 minutes of nap attempts) and she started clapping. πŸ™„

Drama Queen

This afternoon went a little better (after she finally napped) and she got to have an afternoon snack with daddy! 

Mmm Apples!

My friend Katie dropped off this amazing baby gate for the gym yesterday and it makes the perfect party area for K!! She had some fun friends this afternoon, too! They called it her “crate”. πŸ˜‚

Baby Jail

The only smooth part of KBs day was bedtime. When I laid her down she sat up and started playing but I walked away, never heard a fuss, and by the time I was out of the shower she put herself to sleep. 

Hopefully she sleeps much better than last night because we have a busy, fun Father’s Day weekend planned! 

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