Day 239

Welp, today I added another tally under my “work smarter not harder” momming wins: I solved the nearly impossible task that is changing Kensie’s diaper. 

The second you set K down on her changing table she immediately arches back, turns to her side, goes upside down onto the top of her head and kicks her feet all over trying to grab anything and everything she can. Imagine wrestling a baby alligator…very similar. 

Today I put a (clean, never been used) bulb syringe on the side of her changing table where I knew she could reach it but she had to stretch for it a little bit (because if it seems like she shouldn’t have it it’s that much more appealing to her). Every time I went to change her diaper she’d grab it and lay on her back and play with (eat) it. 

Mom – 6 Kensie – 0

Problem solved. For today anyway. 

Kensie still hasn’t realized that she knows how to crawl and all the opportunities that present themselves with this ability. I’m very thankful for that lack of knowledge at the moment. πŸ˜‰

She crawled a few steps to grab a water bottle that wasn’t hers and to get to this medicine ball today. 

Because absolutely EVERYTHING has to go in K’s mouth.

Other than her little “scoot” trick, she pretty much stayed in one area today and played with her toys at home!

Kens was great at the gym until right before I was going to workout. That seems to be the magic “nap time” lately. Since I can’t hold her, I’ve found the second best spot for her to sleep. 

Her car seat. No joke. Not sure if it’s a familiar thing that’s comforting, if it’s comfy in general, if she thinks it means we are about to leave or what; but, the last 2 days it has calmed her down immediately and she took her nap!

I guess that’s ANOTHER win for mom today!! Sorry about your luck, KB, I’m on a roll! 

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