Day 238

I got so pumped about Kensie’s crawling yesterday that I completely forgot to share her other new skill with you all. So far, it’s my absolute least favorite trick of hers. She now screams…with her mouth closed. ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿผโ€โ™€๏ธ So yeah. Super impressive KB. 

Kensie went to the playground for the first time today and got to swing!! She LOVED it! 

Higher, momma!!!

Besties play date! (I made a solid attempt to wipe the swing down first because I knew Kensie would try to eat it…)

Love her open mouth smiles!

We met up with Aunt Casey and Harper and Riley for a play date and luckily, the weather held out! I’m pretty sure K would have sat in that swing all day if I let her. 

Somehow my child stayed awake pretty much all day, even after a terrible night of sleep.  Not sure if it was teething or throwing her off her bedtime schedule last night but homegirl woke up every 90 minutes. 

K’s favorite morning sport: annoy Lucy

After a slight “I’m way too overtired” meltdown, I put her in her car seat to nap so I could workout this afternoon. 

What can I say? Girl loves her car seat!

Worked like a charm! 

I’ve also figured out a trick to get her to eat without sitting up every 3 seconds and getting distracted. Feed RIGHT after a nap. BOOM. She’s still sleepy so she focuses and doesn’t have the energy to keep looking around and clapping for herself yet. Works every time (knock on wood). Except for times like today, where she doesn’t nap. 

We got home after the gym and she took her bath, ate, and went right to bed for me…AGAIN! Zero fuss. 

Pretty sure the key to this parenting thing is all about the hacks. Work smarter, not harder! 

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