Day 237

…and so the fun begins. We have a crawler! 

I’ve said it before, but it still blows my mind how one day a baby “can’t” do something and the next day they’re a pro at it. This morning she wanted that ball – but she didn’t crawl for it!

Solid attempt at drinking my coffee while it’s still hot.

Kensie came to the gym with me to workout this morning since we had some special plans this evening when I was done coaching. 

Thanks for my outfit, Mrs. Sarah!

She spent the majority of my workout sleeping (hallelujah) and the other part rocking her car seat back and forth. 

Look at this super cool toy, guys!

As I was coaching, she wanted the PVC I was using and got really close to crawling for it. I attempted to lure her…AND IT WORKED! 

Of all the things to crawl for…

She crawled 3 more times at the gym and then we went for a surprise trip to visit her Great Gramps!!!

Kensie and her Great Grandpa!

My grandpa is in town from Wisconsin with a confirmation class so we took Kensie over to see him for a little while! It was her bedtime so she was a little cranky but she still showed off her new skill, played and even gave him a few giggles! 

I guess I’ll spend tomorrow morning purchasing baby gates and I will probably start looking forward to these naps a whole lot more! 

Still growing into that tongue. 😜

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