Day 242

Today was a great Father’s Day for all 3 of us! Father’s Day has always been a day that makes me miss my dad that much more. Now that we have Kensie, this year gave a whole new meaning to Father’s Day and I loved getting to celebrate Chris! 

This morning Kensie partied it up and destroyed her whole playroom by 8am. We let daddy sleep in and made him breakfast! 

She’s making her grunting sound as she smiled for this photo…

Because she needs the only things that aren’t already all over the floor. πŸ™„

Loves her puppies!

Chris wanted to do some shopping this morning then we had a great afternoon at lunch with awesome friends! 

Helping Titi Char with her “juice”

K thinks she’s too grown for a high chair.

She wasn’t too sure about this strawberry and we ended up with an entire meal on the floor from her throwing things down there. Thanks Kens.

Annnnnd when she was pretty much over it she spent the last 30 minutes with her feet kicked up. Classy lady.

Kensie was so good ALL weekend and even took her nap sitting in her car seat while we ate! 

K had another milestone for the books today.  My 8 month old participated in her first “icing”, courtesy of her dad and Titi Char. πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸ˜‚ If nothing else, I think Kens will at least grow up knowing how to have a great time! 

Kens, it’s rude to ice your mom. This is not what I imagined after 27 hours of labor.

After “lunch” we all headed back to the house and for her final Father’s Day gift, Kensie went straight to bed at 7. We got to spend the evening hanging in the pool and enjoyed steak and lobster for dinner! I’d like to say I cooked it but Chris was our Chef tonight. He enjoys cooking much more than anyone would enjoy eating a steak that I cooked! πŸ™ˆ

Looking forward to many more days and years of celebrating this guy! Kensie and I are so lucky to have you, Chris! 

And a very happy Father’s Day to my dad and step-dad! Dad, I’m still thankful for all the memories I shared with you and miss you every day. Jammie, thank you for being the dad that you didn’t have to be. Love you both!!

((The bow giveaway winners will be posted tomorrow!!))

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