Day 230

I officially earned my mom card today. Momming is the one job you can’t “call in sick” for and damn did I wish I could. 

I only got one photo of K baby today while we played this morning before I came down with the plague. 

I got a Snapchat video, too. 

When I headed in to coach this morning my stomach felt a little weazy but not too awful. By the time I got home, I spent the better part of my day hovered over a toilet. 

Kensie was an angel baby today, considering. It also helped that I have the most amazing friends that went out of their way to help me today. 

Sam Sam came over with pepto, Sprite and crackers and fed Kens lunch and hung with her for a little. 

Shortly after Sam showed up the doorbell rang – a dude named Stephen showed up with all of this:

Michelle found a way to get it sent to me and make me feel better all the way from freaking Afghanistan!!!

Then, this afternoon Andrea took over my class and Ashley came by to help with K but when she got here we were both passed out napping. 🙈

Let’s just say it was a longgg day of waiting for Chris to get home and take K so I could relax…and Kensie seemed pretty excited about her extra daddy time tonight! 

To all my awesome friends that checked in and offered to come help me – you’re freaking amazing and it means a lot to me to have such a great group of people in my life! Being sick wth a baby is a whole new adventure and it surely takes a village. 

Well, going on 45 minutes of keeping down 3 sips of Sprite so here’s to what’s sure to be a fantastic night…🤢

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