Day 229

Ohhh Kensie Brooke. My sweet little sleepy head. 

I’m covering some morning classes this week and had to be at the gym early so Chris could head into work. This child has woken up by 6:30am the last 3-4 days. Today when I actually needed her up? Of course she’s sleeping harder than she’s slept in a month. 

I tried to wake her. Nothing. Picked her up. She snored on my shoulder. 

Luckily she was a happy girl when she woke up in her car seat. It took a little creativity, but she was pretty content while I got some things done. 

Thank God for smart phones since I couldn’t work on my computer…πŸ™„

This afternoon K had a TON of fun at the gym. She had so many friends and she was loving life!

Giggles for dayssss

Free babysitting FTW!

Kensie was SO tired around 5p but even though she gave me and daddy sweet snuggles and pretended like she was going to pass out – it never happened. I hosted Bachelorette night so I was hoping KB would cooperate and go to bed even though she’s usually super cranky without a nap. 

I got her a sound machine today to see if it would help her fall asleep alone; I’m not sure that it worked for that but it was a life saver in drowning out the noise from us talking the whole time! 

Considering her extrmely short and nonexistent naps today, Kens went to bed pretty easily! I haven’t let her completely “cry it out” but I’ve learned her “fuss” vs her “cry” and while it feels like she’s fussing forever, after about 60-90 seconds she goes one way or the other. Either full blown meltdown or silence while she plays with something in her crib and falls asleep.

Lucky for me K was too tired to cry so the only casualty was the cupcakes I bought. Can’t win ’em all…

Awesome, Jenn.

I mentioned her backwards crawl the other day…and today I got you guys a video of what happens when Kensie crawls the wrong way. 

Wrong way girlfriend.

I’m excited for her to learn but I am really enjoying my last few days of her not being able to go too far from where I set her! Why do they have to grow SO FAST? 😰

One thought on “Day 229

  1. Susie

    Re: cupcakes. They looked like a multi-car pile up.

    Re: Backward crawl. I’d never seen that before. Had to smile when you instructed her to “go forward”. As I wondered if she got the concept of “forward”,
    Of course Far Side came to mind, “Blah, blah blah, Ginger. Blah, blah, blah, Ginger. Good girl.” (I know, that’s how they learn.)

    I live my life with cartoons in my head.


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