Day 231

Welp, the plague has officially worked its way through the Hall house…and has emerged out onto everyone else. πŸ˜”

Luckily, other than being cranky and sleepy today, K dodged it. I’m convinced it’s the magic of breastfeeding. After being up most of the night with Chris being sick, we all spent the day in our PJs, washing everything in sight and taking extra long naps. 

My little crank

Kensie was pretty short tempered this morning but she got better as the day went on. She did seem extra happy about daddy being home! They got some one-on-one time while I coached this afternoon and I came home to a super smiley baby!

I think we were both going a little crazy being cooped up in the house the last 2 days so K got dressed and we took the pups on a walk for some fresh air. Kensie had a HUGE smile on her face the entire time! 

Unfortunately that smile left when I wanted to take her photo. She had no interest in posing for me today. πŸ™„

And there goes the bow…

Hoping for a healthy rest of the week and that all of our sweet friends kick this bug quickly, too! 

Mom, stop.

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