Day 205

Today’s post is going to be a little backward – I’m going to start with the end of Kensie’s day because I just got the best Mother’s Day gift, EVER!

This little boog was wide awake playing with her feet while I was getting ready for bed and brushing my teeth. 

I thought I was in for a lonnng night. I crawled into bed and she sat up, climbed over to me, snuggled up and went right to sleep. 

Seriously?? Does life get any better?! Kens is the freaking sweetest. 

I didn’t take many photos today because K took a lot of naps! 

She got up at 7:40 and was back out by 9. Paired with her cluster feeding yesterday…can someone say growth spurt?

This afternoon we drove up to Jacksonville and Kensie slept the whole time in the car. As a birthday and Mother’s Day gift for my mom, I got us tickets to see Julianne and Derek Hough’s Move Tour! 

Kens hung with Granpda while we were at the show. 

I think she was pretty happy about it!

My mom and I had a fun night out and the show was absolutely AMAZING. 

They’ll be in Orlando this week if anyone is thinking about going – go!

When we got home the dogs wouldn’t shut up and it woke up Kens. She probably would have gone right back to sleep but I picked her up instead. It’s okay though because as you already know, she’s back out. 

Thanks for watching me tonight, Grandpa!!!

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