Day 204

It’s official. This girl is on the MOVE!

She started off up by the blue guitar on the word “FUN”…then somehow made it here. I moved her back to the middle and next thing I know she was grabbing the leg of my desk chair. 

As of yesterday, if she went from sitting to her belly, it was a face plant. Today she turned over and got one knee under her, then she’d move back to her butt. Kens can pretty much scoot anywhere she wants to go know. It happened literally overnight. In short – I’m screwed. 

Guess I better get those cords put away this weekend. 

Kensie has been LOVING our morning walks with the pups this week. We had been going in the stroller because the ergobaby gets hot, but it’s easier to have 2 hands to walk 2 dogs so we switched back and I’ve been trying to go before it gets too hot out. I think she likes the bouncing as we walk. 

Kens stayed up later than usual last night since she was so excited to hang with her daddy, πŸ˜‰ then woke up way earlier than usual this morning. The good news? She was the nap queen today. 

She went down for her morning nap while I coached without a fight. Another 2 naps at home, napped on the way to the gym, and then the one she tried to avoid at the gym in the afternoon. She eventually gave in. We got home pretty late – she took a bath and went to bed with zero fussing. Thanks little lady!!

Uncle Will let Kensie play with her favorites thing after his workout today.

If you’re wondering, her favorite thing is anything someone else is drinking out of. She thinks she’s grown. The scary part is she holds them right and actually puts her mouth on the hole and attempts to drink it. (Yet give her a sippy cup and she drinks nothing. Guess I should just buy her a Yeti. πŸ™„)

This afternoon I got a sweet Mother’s Day Gift from Emily and Carolyn that made my day! Of course Kens got a present, too. 

Kensie does deserve some of the credit. She’s the one that made me a mama, after all! 

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