Day 203

Kensie was really not having it when I tried to take pictures of her outfit today…πŸ˜‚

Haha! Other than some drama this afternoon, KB had a good day!

I think her afternoon nap wasn’t quite long enough because when I got her out of her chair she cried every time I sat her down anywhere. She was only happy if I held her. 

I tried to feed her and she tolerated it for a few then the tears returned. 

We went to the bath and she was happy in there…until I took her out. πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ I laid her back down for another nap and she chilled out. Homegirl just needed some relaxation! 

This morning she played her little heart out while I got my workout done. 

Then we met up with Daddy for lunch! She spent the whole time trying to grab EVERYTHING off our table. 

Dad, let me get that bread knife!
When we got home, Kensie went right back to playing while I worked on some new outfits for our Bows of Kensington shop! I got some adorable rompers from Old Navy and wanted to snazz them up a little – and OF COURSE make sure they had matching bows. 

Our bow and onsie combo will be listed in the shop tomorrow! πŸ€—

For my birthday Ashley got us tickets to see MATILDA!! We had a fun girls night while Chris and Uncle Will hung out with Kensie babe. 

I havent gotten details on their evening yet – but I came home to a sleeping baby and a sleeping daddy in bed so in my book, it went perfectly! 😜

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