Day 202

I got the BEST hugs today from my sweet little pineapple girl!

This morning we played a game called “mommy puts all the blocks in the container and I immediately dump them out”. I feel like it’s a foreshadow for the rest of my life. 

My happy little scooter! (she started in the middle of her mat…)

She’s obsessed with this toy.

It’s okay though, she made up for it by napping with me, which she hasn’t done in months!

Snuggle life.

Kens was all about some mommy time today. When I sat down by her to play she put her toys down and leaned over and hugged me. It melted my freaking heart. 

After her morning nap she “played” with Jack (she kept giving him her blocks and I kept making him spit them out…πŸ™„) and UPS dropped off some goodies!!!

Startin’ her young.

“I promise it was a good sale, daddy!” πŸ˜‚

So yesterday I mentioned Kensie had fruit for the first time (right? I think I mentioned it. If not, she did. And she loved it). Anyways, the one thing she loves more about eating than fruit? Sign language. We have been working on “eat”, “more” and “done” during lunch. She doesn’t do them yet, but for some reason she smiles like this every single time I do them!

(No bows at lunch…she likes to cover her hands in food and grab them…)

This afternoon K passed out on the way to the gym and used her sippy cup as a foot rest. 

K is all about that nap life.

Chris ended up heading home from the gym a lot earlier than me tonight so he took Kens with him and I came home to a sleeping baby!!!!! (And a sleeping daddy before I snapped this photo. 😜)

I picked her up to change her diaper and put on PJs and she turned to her side on the changing table and tried to go back to sleep, haha! She’s like her momma – sleep is the only way we function. That jet lag must have rubbed off on her. πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

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