Day 201

It always feels good to come home after a nice vacation…but it feels even better when you get this little face to go along with it!! I missed my Kensie butt so so much! 

I think she missed her momma too, because I got lots and lots and LOTS of sweet snuggles and smiles all day long. 

After some morning snuggles, Kens and I went to pick up Jack from the farm. They must have missed each other, too! K took an extra long nap while I unpacked and Jack wouldn’t leave her side. 

Once she got up, Kensie wanted to show me all her new tricks. 

She now turns from sitting to her belly and is starting to army scoot to get what she wants. I think we are going to have a crawler in the next month!!

For lunch Kens got to try fruit for the first time!!! Homegirl LOVED it. She ate all her carrots so I gave her some apples…her eyes lit up! 

She’s getting so good at eating and is actually swallowing her food now instead of drooling it out!

We ran to the store to pick up some things – and of course I forgot the main thing I went there to get. Mom brain. It’s okay though, Kensie made about 6 new friends by cheesin it up HARD when they told her she was cute. 

She loves riding in her Binxy baby and feeling like she’s part of the action!!

Chris and I are both running on 3ish hours of off and on airplane “sleep”, but I didn’t even notice how tired I was because I was so excited to hang out with Kens! However, she’s now in bed and I am well aware of how tired I am…I think the whole house (pups included) will sleep well tonight! 

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