Day 198-200

As I sit at the airport anxiously awaiting getting home to our sweet Kensington, I figured it was the perfect time to post about her weekend! (And ours 😜) This post is basically the online equivalent of a picture book…

Kens had tons of fun with B!! We got lots of updates and adorable photos of K with all smiles…and some outfits I didn’t send her with. This girl is so spoiled with love! 

Slumber party with cousin Mattie!
Party ready with B and Papa John
This just melts my heart!
Kens with her cousins and Aunt Sarah on her birthday!
Snuggling with Uncle Matt at her cousins soccer game
My favorite little ham!!
Reading with Papa John
Playtime with cousins Mattie and Allie!

I think it’s safe to assume Kens enjoyed herself!! While we missed her very much, we also know it’s important to get some “us” time. I tried my very best to relax and enjoy our time in Wine Country! 

Pretty impossible not to enjoy ourselves with views like this!

A little cruising on the PCH!
Hog Island Oysters in Point Reyes
Landmark Vineyards – my favorite!!

People frequently comment on how busy we are and how we are always doing something. They aren’t wrong. Our life is very “go, go, go!” While it can get exhausting, for us it’s living. The experiences are what life is all about for us!

We were lucky enough to take this trip through Chris’ work with a group of awesome people that showed us a whole new side to Napa that we hadn’t experienced before!  

We already have plans for annual family trips and can’t wait to make more memories as Kensie grows. 

As she grows, I also imagine traveling (with and without her) will get a little easier. Holy pumping this weekend. I’ve now pumped on a plane, in a winery, in many vehicles and an airport. πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

Pump life.

The good news is we found dry ice, got through security with no issues, and 15 hours later – my milk is all still completely frozen!!! 

Because, priorities.

TJ Maxx cooler bag = WIN

And now…I’m going to finish watching scandal and pray I can fall asleep once we board our flight. 

Our regularly scheduled Kensie posts will resume tomorrow. πŸ€—

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