Day 206

This little chunk had a busy day and is soon to be one busy baby!!

Oye vey. I’m in so much trouble. She was laying down when I left her. I heard her whine, then stop. I looked over and saw her little head level with the top of her crib. EXCUSE ME?!

Kensie was so excited for her day in Jacksonville that she got up just after 6am. 🙄

She got to watch Uncle William at his swim meet! 

Kensie must have been his good luck charm, because his team placed 3rd and they’re going to cities! Congrats Uncle William! 

Then we got to have a special girls lunch with K’s Great Grandma and Grand Aunt!

Kensie was too busy trying to grab…everything…to pose for photos. I gave her some of my avocado and she loved it! 

The ride back to Orlando got a little rough for Kens this afternoon. She slept the first half of the trip and then she woke up about 50 minutes away and fussed and cried the entire rest of the way home. 😪

Listening to that successfully wore me out. 

She was so happy to get home, see daddy and PLAY!! Kens had a great rest of the night, including exploring around her crib. 

I think my nights just got a whole lot busier!

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