Day 195

Kensie Brooke was such a sweetheart today!

She woke up so happy and chilled in bed while we had our morning chat. When I say chilled I mean she was straight up, feet crossed and reclining. πŸ˜‚ She was cracking me up with how she was laying and mid talking, she picked up her pacifier and shoved it in. 

Okay Miss Thing

Kens played and played and played this morning! She finally laid down on her mat so I figured I’d see if she’d nap. It was a complete failure as you can see…

And she’s naked because she pooped up her PJs while she was sitting down playing.

She also pooped 3x within an hour so we just went straight to the diaper. 

I was all over the place this morning trying to get laundry, work and some packing done. Luckily, Kens was so good and entertained herself. She also took a long afternoon nap. However, I still didn’t manage to finish my coffee after reheating it 3 separate times. 

Coffee made at 9am…photo taken at 10pm

Mom life. I don’t understand why we don’t grow 2 extra arms at the same time we grow a baby! Lord knows we need them. 


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