Day 196

Woof. Being a mom means vacations are just a lot of work. I already need a vacation from my vacation to unwind from preparing for it! 

Kens must’ve known what was ahead today because she definitely made sure to get her beauty rest in. We dropped Chris off at the airport at 4am; Kensie wasn’t phased. 

When we got home she slept some more. 

Then we were cuddling so I didn’t want to get up, but I had to go to the gym to coach. I thought for sure me getting up would wake her. Wrong. So wrong!

Bye mom.


Is this real life?

I guess all I can say is thank God for a baby who loves sleep as much as I do! 

My little goober was awesome this morning. She played all by herself while I cleaned the floors and then wanted to help me coach. When I tried to put her back in her play pen, she stiff legged me. Kensie refused to bend in half and sit down. πŸ™„

Kens was such a great babe while I got errands done this morning! She had many conversations with everyone in the stores (oh boy…) but at least she was happy! 

We weren’t home for long today but Kens got in some quality time with her favorite puppy. 

The afternoon was a whole new story. I wasn’t allowed to put her down. The second I did, we got real tears almost immediately. 

Not too sure what her deal was – but baby wearing was the only solution! 

She must have just needed some extra momma time. Kens also got extra momma time tonight since it took over a hour to get her little butt to SLEEP. Never been a more appropriate time for the “Go the f*@k to sleep” baby book. πŸ™„

(If you don’t know what I’m talking about, watch this. It’s hilarious: )

Anyways. It’s like she knew I had hours of cleaning and packing ahead of me and as much as I wanted to enjoy some extra time with her, wrestling a baby alligator for an hour wasn’t exactly what I had in mind. 

On a positive note – I think I’m pretty much done packing. Let’s just hope security lets me go through with 10lb of ice packs. 😳 

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