Day 185 & 186

This weekend was full of a lot of “firsts” for Kensie! For starters, it’s the first time she’s slept past 7:30am in weeks. Thanks for that KB! 

The sweetest goober to wake up to.

We went up to the gym for a little Saturday morning and once Kens was over playing and ready for her nap, she practiced her “I’m tired but I’m still judging you” stare. 

After the gym we went to our favorite spot (Target, of course) and got Kensie a float so we could have a pool day! Safe to say it was a success. 

Rockin the kini!!!
Chill level: pro.
Whoa, ma! I’m all alone out here!
The water is still pretty chilly so we didn’t stay in too long, but Kens loved it! 

After nap she got another special treat…water in a sippy cup!!! KB hasn’t had many bottles in her life so I’m convinced she knew how to hold this and drink from it from watching me. πŸ˜‰

Like momma, like daughter!

And by “drink” I mean Kens just let all the water run down her chin, but she’ll get there. Haha! She can take her sweet time because this momma isn’t ready for her to graduate to a sippy cup yet. 

Saturday night Chris wanted to go see the UCF Spring Game so Kensington went to her first football game with daddy! 

Football with daddy!

You comfy there Kens?
Look who we found!!

Kensie had a blast! Chris has the best video on his phone since mine likes to tell me my “storage is full” every 2 seconds; however, his phone took a swim today and it’s still in the recovery process…

Today Kens went to the nursery during church and as I was going to pick her up I stepped in the hallway and immediately heard crying and knew it was her. Fail. 

They said she only cried for the last 5-10 minutes and was happy and played the rest of the time. Homegirl and her FOMO during nap time is just not a good combination. She was splotchy-eyed and snot nosed when I picked her up. Poor thing. The second I put her in the car she was out. 

And she needed a hand to hold for her afternoon nap.

Her last “first” was her avocado for dinner!!! Those photos are ALSO on Chris’ phone so I’m really hoping his phone isn’t gone for good so we get them back! πŸ˜₯ 

She ate the chunks I put in her mouth, but instead of grabbing the food, she was reaching for everything else around her that wasn’t hers. Typical. 

I got a few other foods for her to test out this week to see how it goes. I foresee lots of baths!

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