Day 187

Like momma, like daughter! See, I told you guys she learned how to hold her cup from watching me. πŸ˜‰

Mini me & mini starbucks…aka Water.

Getting to hang with Kensie makes Mondays not so bad. She had a great morning playing like a big girl while I worked! I’m soaking in these calm moments before she starts crawling and I won’t be able to let her out of my sight. 

All toys belong in the mouth.

Kensie had an extra special lunch today…and it wasn’t just because she got to eat sweet potatoes!! She got to have lunch with her Aunt Shell all the way in Afghanistan. 

Lunch with her God mom…we have to make do for now!
The cutest potatoes I’ve ever seen!

Inevitably she ended up wearing potatoes…but she actually ate half the jar! Kens also likes to “feed” herself. 

“I got this!” πŸ™„

In other good news…Chris’ phone is working and we got her “first food” Photos and the videos saved! PHEW! 

So, for your Monday night entertainment…

Why does my child know the difference between an empty cup and a NOT empty cup?! I thought she was supposed to be at the age where I can trick her. And no, we didn’t give her beer. I promise. Lol

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