Day 184

Kensie Brooke had her 6 month check up today! 

She’s 25.5″ and 16.1lb! She’s in the 24th percentile for height and 49th for weight. The doctor said she’s expecting a growth spurt soon. She also said her gums are a little swollen and we can expect a tooth i in 3-4 weeks. Who knew teething lasted so long? 

K got to show off her coordination skills and strength and her Doctor told her she’s going to be great at sports!

K didn’t sleep so well last night; but of course this morning when we had to get up and leave she was snoring. 

Luckily she was a good sport and when I woke her up I got lots of sweet smiles and not a cry baby! K had fun playing while I cleaned the floors at the gym and coached. Play pens are heaven sent. 

Kensie fell asleep on the way to her doctor appointment so I put the cover over her car seat in an attempt to keep her napping but it was an epic fail. She things this thing is for peekaboo so she just cheeses when you look in at her and thumps her leg up and down if you don’t. 

We have one healthy, happy baby girl! Kensie only had a few tears after her shot and as soon as I let her eat the paper she was magically okay. 

Not sure if it was the shots or lack of sleep last night but Kens got a few solid naps in at the gym this afternoon (way more than usual) and now she’s excited for a weekend with her first solid foods, drinking from a sippy cup and maybe a dip in the pool! 

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