Day 182

Kensie Brooke was back to her normal, chill, goofy self today! Woohoo! No teeth and no (real) tears. 

There’s jean shorts under there somewhere…

Oh! There they are. Thanks Kens.

She picked out her outfit today and told me she wanted to go shopping…so we did! 😜 Okay, she really did pick out her outfit though. I held up 3 and she grabbed this one immediately. 

I took a comparison video for you guys this morning, too. Yesterday was Kensie with real, sad, genuine tears. This is Kensie with an attitude. πŸ™„

​K took a longggg morning nap (thanks nugget) and I got her half birthday onsie made! 

Normal: 20 minutes. Today: 1 hour. WINNNN

Bows of Kensington is in business!

K’s half birthday onsie! Ready with matching bow, of course.

If anyone needs onesies, shirts or BOWS made, let us know! Etsy shop is in the works!!

BOWS of Kensington…literally.

Kensie developed a new trick today. It was a wholeeee new kind of blowout. She was sitting in her bumbo so I figured it went up her back. Oh no. She missed that completely. It somehow just came all the way over and out and on to the back of her shorts. πŸ€”

Sorry for the blurry photo. I didn’t want to drop my child. I know you’re all disappointed her poop isn’t in focus…

Thanks for that girlfriend. 

Kens had a fun afternoon at the gym!! 
We had a whole lotta running so I brought K with me for the first half of the workout! She was LOVING it. 


Baby in the stroller and baby in the belly! And my headband falling off.

When we got home from the gym, I opened the car door to this goober. 

Bows are for chewing too. K doesn’t discriminate.

I couldn’t stop staring at this girl when I put her to bed tonight. I cannot believe she’ll be 6 months tomorrow. I don’t know how I’ll even deal with her turning 1. Oye. I guess I’ll have to throw a big party to distract myself…

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