Day 181

Welp, baby K had quite the dramatic afternoon. Poor nugget. 

Yep. Real tears today.

My only guess is that she’s finally going to have some teeth pop through? I’m starting to see the little white lines on the bottom!

Our morning started off great and Kens was happy as could be. I coached a morning session while she played and we went grocery shopping. 

Kensie enjoys diaper changes a little too much. Always has…πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

We came home and Kensie played some more while I meal prepped and then took her nap. 

Then all hell broke loose. 

Isn’t that the saddest sound? For the record, I promise I’m not an awful mom who just set her down to video her crying. This was about 20 minutes in after I tried literally everything to calm her down. Holding her didn’t help. Holding on her belly didn’t help. Diaper change? Nope. Mylicon and bicycle legs for gas? Also nope. Pacifier and rock incase she’s still tired…nada. Feed her? Helllll no. Sit down with toys? Worked for a split second then also a big fat NOPE. 

She started to chew on Sophie then remembered she needed to keep wailing…

I’m still not sure what the meltdown was for. It lasted until we got in the car to go to the gym and she fell asleep. She hasn’t cried like that in almost 3 months. 

Once we got to the gym I woke her up to feed her and she was back to her happy, normal self and chilled in her swing while I coached. Emily was awesome and came to play with her so I could workout afterward!! (Seriously have the greatest friends ever, I know!)

I had to coach late again so after I worked out I had Kens take a quick nap and fed her so daddy could bring her home. 

The screaming makes these moments that much sweeter!

When I got home she went RIGHT to sleep like a little angel! At least the screaming wore her out I guess. Ha! 

Maybe she will wake up with some teeth? Or maybe she just needed to lose her shit for a minute. We’ve all been there! πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

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