Day 180

Welp, today Kensie has decided she will no longer nurse under a cover. She makes her little whine/yell noise, throws it off, looks up at me and smiles. So that’s super. 

In other news, she was awesome today and I’m missing photos of the best parts!

“Hey y’all”

I spent some time trying to finish up Kensie’s playroom/my office this morning and she’s already loving it. 

So is Lucy.
Kens was trying to put Ellie’s face in her mouth…

We started a 6 week challenge at the gym so I have to stay later some evenings now to coach it. Chris coaches late on Monday as well, so I tried a new set up for Kens and it was a complete success! She’s at an age where she loves toys and doesn’t want to be restrained in one spot. So, the swing doesn’t last long lately. 
Look ma! I got feets!

Play pen to the rescue!

Why is she almost too long for this?!

Kens sat up and played with her toys and kept herself occupied for about 45 minutes. I was so proud!! (And relieved). She started to fuss right when Sam, Emily and Charlotte finished working out, so they came to the rescue!

As I was warming my class up I started to look around for Kensie…her, Sam, Emily and Char were all missing. 

Shocker…K baby had a blowout! Haha!! So thankful for those ladies cleaning up K and putting clean clothes on her. 

At the end of my class I held Kensie because she was being a fussy, tired little nug. I laid her on the floor next to me to show the class the upward dog stretch for their core and told K to do it with me…AND SHE DID IT!!!! I’m so sad I don’t have a video because it was the cutest thing ever. I’m going to give it another go and see if she does it again. If so, I’m going to put her on the coaching staff and have her start pulling some of the weight around here.  πŸ˜œ

Kens had a little meltdown before bed from some bad gas bubbles. A few tears and farts later…we have a sleeping beauty. Happy Monday! 

Just makes me want to crawl in and snuggle right up!

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