Day 179: Kensie’s First Easter

Kensington had the best first Easter!!! We made her an Easter basket (don’t tell me she’s too young for it to matter – I do what I want!) and she loved pulling everything out of it this morning! 

This face. ๐Ÿ˜

Growing up we always got things to play with outside in our Easter baskets so I figured I’d carry on the tradition…I mean the “Easter Bunny” would carry on the tradition…so K’s all ready for swim lessons and summer days by the pool! 

Aunt Ashley even got Kens a “first Easter” present…is this not the cutest bikini EVER?!

Anyways, Kens had to take a break from the basket diving to get ready for church. Then she went back to exploring! 

Easter best!

This is code for “Kensie approves.”

Of course Kensie fell asleep RIGHT as we pulled up to church, so I kept her with us so she wasn’t just a cry baby for the girls in the nursery. It took some swinging and bouncing and a sore arm, but she napped through the sermon. Phew! 

Happy Easter from the Halls!

After church we went to Easter Brunch at Two Chefs with Will and Ashley and her parents – the food was AMAZING (so were the unlimited mimosas). Kens agreed. 

Paper = endless entertainment

โ€‹What can I say? The girl likes to brunch. 

She partied so hard that she wore herself out (thank you, Jesus). 

Momming. It’s all about balance…

We had a perfect first Easter as a family of 3! Love making sweet memories with this little babe. 

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