Day 178

It’s Easter Eve!! I know Kensie has no idea what’s going on…so I’ll just be excited for her.  

Little Kensie Foo Foo – thanks for the outfit Amanda!

Kens was the perfect babe today! We spent the morning at the gym and then LOOK WHO I GOT TO TAKE A NAP IN HER CRIB!!

Just kidding. This only lasted about as long as it took to take this photo. 

But, I’m thankful for it. I was exhausted and if she’d stayed in her crib I would have done productive things like finish the office…

Instead I got in a sweet 90 minute nap with this snuggle bug. 

K cuddles are the best.

Plus, how can you care about a to do list when you wake up to this cuteness?

After our nap, Kensie got to wear her Easter onsie and we went out to Disney Springs for dinner with Aunt Ashley and Uncle Will! 

Somehow Kens made it to 9:15 with no sleep and no tears. She kept dozing off during dinner but her FOMO kicked in and she stayed up for the whole shindig. 

And for my mom fail of the day…I couldn’t find her pacifier at dinner so I assumed she threw it out of her seat in the car. Until we got back to leave…

I blame Will.

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