Day 177

Other than nap time, K was such a happy happy girl today!! She even belly laughed for a solid 3 minutes straight and it was the most adorable thing EVER. I missed video of it, but I got another that’s still pretty good. This morning I said “oogaly boogaly” to her and she started laughing. So I kept saying it. And she kept laughing. A few hours later, it still worked like a charm. 😂

This morning she practiced her standing in her jumper. Kens doesn’t use it to actually jump, just to balance. I considered setting up her walker but I’m just not ready to encourage it. Haha!

She caught me creeping.

I spent part of the morning trying to organize the office/playroom so I set Kens up with a party corner on the couch and homegirl entertained herself for over an hour!!

You’re looking at a momming win.

I’ve also decided from now on I’m only buying Kensie toys with large tags since she likes that best anyways. She fell asleep with a tag from her blanket in her mouth last week and lately it’s her favorite part of her play mat. 

Seriously K?

Once she was over the tag, Harper and Riley came over to play!!

Just a little girl talk
Proof Kensie loves bows?
I was trying to switch up Kensie’s routine and get her to nap in her crib instead of her chair…and this is how that went. 

“Wahhh momma you’re so mean!”

The exact opposite of napping.

Ya win some, ya lose some…

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