Day 176

Kens had a fun filled day with very little sleep. She must have been excited that her sparkle wall in her play room got finished today! πŸ˜‰

See? Excitement.

Okay maybe it’s me that’s more excited. I am also excited about an amazing pumping discovery I made!! Who knew they made battery packs for these suckers???

Game. Changer.

We are going to Napa in May (without my Kensie babe πŸ˜”) and I have been stressing about how the heck I’m going to make this trip work while still breastfeeding. 

Aside from pumping and storing to stock up for K while I’ll be gone, I also have to figure out how I am going to pump while flying since that long of a flight + airport time is way too long to go without. Next is bringing home the milk I pump on the trip. Boy have I learned a lot about airline rules this week. 

It’s my understanding that the “no liquids over 3oz” rule doesn’t apply to breastmilk. So, that’s good news. 

Finding the battery pack was a life saver as well. I spent my morning chatting with a flight attendant friend and calling airlines (with no luck) trying to figure out if there’s an outlet in the bathroom I could use on a plane. Oye. 

Now I need something to store the milk in. One for what’s pumped on the plane and another for bringing home the storage bags filled during the trip. Help!! This is what I was looking at for the plane:

No clue what I’m going to use to get it all back, cold. If anyone has tips, tricks or cooler recommendations PLEASE share!!!

Okay, back to Kens. 

Kensie got to meet a new puppy today! Not sure how so much cuteness fit into one photo. 

Kensie and Luke – the cutest pup ever!

Emily hung with Kensie so Chris and I could workout this evening! She was the ultimate babysitter. She even got K to take a much needed nap while I was coaching! 

Emmy FTW!

They played a whole lot of peek-a-boo and Kensie chewed on everything, of course. I took a video but the music was playing through my phone so it’s hard to hear how hard Kensie was cracking up. 

I also got a video of Kensie mastering her “put her own pacifier back in” skill! She’s been hit or miss with it for quite a while now. Today in the car she was playing with a toy and I didn’t even realize her pacifier was in the seat with her. A few minutes later I look in the mirror and it’s in her mouth. This smart girl is growing way too fast. Slow down little one!


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