Day 175

Is my child serious right now?

Rough day, eh Kens?

Oh, the drama. I just went to check on her before I started this post and that’s what I found. Whatever works, K baby. You do you. 

When Kensie woke up today I had high hopes her stuffiness would be better. She seemed to sleep well and there wasn’t snot all over her when she woke up. Then the coughs started. 😪

At least I’m getting some sweet snuggles out of it!

I have the humidifier and peppermint oil diffusing in her room.  It seems to help her  breathe much better while she’s sleeping. 

We made an impromptu visit to K’s Chiro today for an adjustment since it boosts your immune system!

She seems real bothered by it, huh?

Party at the chiro!

Dr. Christina did her normal adjustment and also did some relief on her sinuses. She did it to me last time a cold was going around and it kicked mine immediately!!! Plus it felt amazing to be able to BREATHE again. 

Kensie insisted on holding onto Dr. Christina’s fingers as she did it. Haha!

We played some this afternoon and went to observe swim lessons! We’ve officially found a swim instructor for Kens and I am so excited for her to start!!

Little fish in the making.
Or ham? Definitely a ham.

This bow is still a littlllleee big but I got this Ruffle Butts outfit for Kensington while she was still in my belly and I was so happy she could fit in it today! In a bittersweet way, of course. 

2 bows are better than 1!

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