Day 174

Guys! I found a solution to blowouts. 

BOOM!!! Halter top for the win. If she’s sitting and it goes up her back, just wipe away. No need for a new outfit. Haha!!

But in all seriousness, K didn’t poop yesterday so I knew today was going to be a memorable one. This outfit was the way to go. 

Plus – how freaking cute?!

Kensie had so much fun playing like a “big girl” today! She LOVES sitting up to play with her toys. 

Or chew on her thumb…

K also got to spend sometime in the gorgeous weather today while I coached!

She took a nap for the first part of my workout then woke up in super crank mode. 

The calm before the storm.

Kensington has her first full blown cold. πŸ˜ͺ She’s had the runny nose a few times but now we have the gross cough from the lungs to go with it. Today involved a lot of snot sucking, a peppermint rub on her chest, back and feet and I put her to bed with a peppermint essential oil diffusing in hopes she can breathe a little better. I used her humidifier the last 2 nights but I remembered the oil worked great when I was sick while pregnant so I figured we’d give it a go! 

Working on her selfie skills.

Also, I read this post today that a friend of mine shared and I thought it was worth passing along: “Dear Mom: I needed you
In the day and age of having everything at our fingertips, quite literally, it can be difficult to be present. I’m not perfect and I fail often, but when K is looking at me or wants my attention, I do my best to stop what I’m doing and give it to her. Work can ALWAYS wait. These moments are already passing by way too quickly…

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