Day 173

Moms – specifically breastfeeding/pumping moms, past and present – serious question for you. Are you ALWAYS STARVING? Or is it just me? Have nothing to do with breastfeeding and I’ve just become a bottomless pit? I will eat dinner (I’m talking a full dinner. 8-10oz meat, veggies, sweet potato…) and 30 minutes later I’m starving and feel like I never ate. One night I ate 2 dinners about 45 minutes apart and was still hungry. 😳 Someone please tell me I am normal…

It’s going straight to the thighs.

K baby had such a great day getting completely spoiled by some of her favorite people!

Babysitters Club

Post WOD parties with K baby! The real reason they come to the gym.

Emily and Amanda both brought Kens some adorable Easter goodies today, too! 

Thank you ladies!!! K can’t wait to rock this cuteness.

As I was warming up, I looked outside and they were teaching her to shake her butt. I really wish this had been a video and not a photo because it was hilarious and adorable. Kensie was LOVING it. Daddy is in so much trouble. 

Speaking of videos, I do have one from this morning that cracks me up. I took it on Snapchat because my phone said it didn’t have room (like always) so it cuts off – but Kensie was fussing at Lucy because she couldn’t get to her. It’s probably because she knows Kensie grabs a fistful of hair and pulls the poor pup. πŸ˜‚ She hasn’t quite learned the concept of “gentle” yet…


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