Day 171-172

…and we have a WINNER! Ashley McGee was the closest with 227! Marissa was 2nd with 236. The answer is 230!! We’re almost to our 365. 😜

Ashley, let me know your color preference and your egg will ship this week!

Kensie had a busy, fun weekend – and so did mom and dad! On Saturday we went out to support a few of our athletes at a local competition! 

Power Nappin
Kens loves to watch Megan workout! Especially when she gets to grab her hair! 😜

I turned around to see this as we were walking back to the car and almost had a heart attack, but obviously K was loving it!

Saturday was Parents Night Out! We got to enjoy a concert with some friends while B and Papa John watched Kens!

Yayyyyy for a fun night with B and Papa!

Notice that? Still same outfit. All day. No blowouts. Woohoo!

Date night!
Sunday was rough after a late night for mom and dad but luckily K baby was an angel baby all day and played, napped and stayed super happy while we “adulted”. 

When you let Kensie play on her own…

K had quite the weekend and made sure to get her naps in accordingly. 

That’s how I felt about my responsibilities today too, Kens.
K’s stuffy nose is back (I am hoping it’s just from the crazy weather changes and not a cold) so I busted out her humidifier for the first time tonight. 

After her bath, K was super chatty and giggly. I set her in her crib to open up the humidifier and get it set up with every intention of picking her up when I was done to try to rock her to sleep. A few minutes later I realized it was awfully quiet. The little goober put herself right to sleep!! 

To top it off we ended our weekend talking to our favorite – Aunt Shell! 

It was a tiring but great weekend for K and her whole crew…just hoping the stuffy nose doesn’t wake Kens up tonight because this momma is ready for some rest. 

Hope everyone had an awesome weekend and congrats again to Ashley! We’ll have another giveaway soon!! 

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