Day 170: The Teething Egg!

Ahhh, it’s #FreebieFriday! 😜 We are super excited to announce Bows of Kensington has partnered with The Teething Egg for an awesome GIVEAWAY!!! 

Kensie loves her egg! I mentioned these in a post back when K got hers. The Teething Egg is a soothing Teething toy that’s the perfect size for their little mouths and the perfect shape for them to hold while they chew on it!  

And they have tons of colors to choose from!

It keeps Kens occupied and feels much better than my knuckles (to me at least). She goes to TOWN on this thing! 

So, who wants to win one of these adorable eggs for their little one just in time for Easter?! 

It’s Kensie approved, after all!

To win your choice of a Teething Egg, comment (on this post or on Facebook!) with your guess on how many bows KB has!

Here’s a little hint (well, hints) to help guide your guesses:

Closest guess wins! (You can also play if you want to win this as a gift for someone. I’ll make this post public as well so feel free to tag any mommy friends you’d like!) I’ll announce the winner on Sunday! Good luck!!! 

As far as our Friday – we had an awesome day with some of K’s baby besties!! 

Annie and I had a nail date and I got to hold sweet Lady A while her momma got her nails done!!

Then we spent the afternoon with Miss Harper! Kens needs to work on her sharing abilities, but hey, she’s an only child for the time being. πŸ˜‚

She literally yelled every time Harper took HER book back. πŸ™„
So fun watching these two interact!! (Aka grab each other’s faces)
Baby Besties!

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