Day 169

K Baby modeled her outfit for you all before she had a sweet blowout and I had to change her in the middle of coaching a class. Great timing girlfriend. 



Someone from the gym got her the Burpee onsie! It’s would be more appropriate if it referred to her bowel movements. πŸ™„

Anyways, enough about poop for one day. 

Kensie still hasn’t cut a tooth! I thought for sure it was coming soon. In this photo, she was actually pulling on her ears. She’s been doing it a lot this week and her doctor said it is a sign, so we shall see! 

Between working out and then coaching 2 hours back to back – K was such a trooper! I set her up in this chair while I lifted next to her and she basically ate the mirror the whole time until she got sleepy. 

When she started fussing and rubbing her eyes, I set her pacifier on the tray and she put it right in her mouth. 

I’m super biased, but I thought it was adorable. 

I also promise I worked out in between the 728374 photos I took. πŸ˜‚
This post is super late because I chose watching Scandal and sleeping over blogging last night…but I promise tonight’s will be up as soon as I get the nugget to bed because we get to share he EXCITING NEWS! 😜

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