Day 55: The Cure

Kensie was pretty entertaining with her morning nap positions today. She woke up at about 8 to eat. She passed right back out so I set her in her boppy so I could get some breakfast. These photos explain her coziness better than words ever could…




And yes, she was breathing. This girl has the life! 

K usually naps at the gym at some point but today she stayed awake the wholllle time. So, naturally she started crying from being overtired. Luckily it was right when daddy showed up so of course he saved the day!

Daddy snuggles to the rescue!
…and she’s out.

A few days ago I mentioned that I may have found the solution to her nighttime meltdowns…and I think I have! 

I noticed when she was screaming that she was really tired but also hungry. When I’d feed her she was happy at first and then when the supply slowed down and she had to work for it she’d lose it. I’ve started pumping and giving her bottles at night so it comes out easier and TA-DA!!!! She usually falls asleep drinking the bottle and the best part? No more nightly screeching!!!

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